Health & Safety Policies

If you employ staff or have clients visit you at your premises, you need to consider Health & Safety. A good starting point is a written Health & Safety policy. We can make this simple for you, by providing you with a clear template, so you know what to include and what you need to consider when it comes to Health & Safety.

Most Independent Professionals enter into a contract for service with their customers as opposed to a contract of employment. To support your status as a genuine independent professional service company, your contract for service will generally include a substitution clause which allows you or your business to substitute yourself with someone of similar skill, qualifications and experience in the event of you being unavailable for any period of time.

It is for these reasons that you may want to have Employers Liability insurance to rely on for these eventualities and the supply of your own Health & Safety policy will assist you in the operation of your business with any substitute taken on.

For a small fee you can download a template which will have both yours and your company’s contact details inserted and the whole document can be presented to any company requesting a copy or any substitute employee.

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