Professional Indemnity

Professional Indemnity Insurance can protect you if a client takes legal action against you as a result of the work you do for them. It covers your legal defence costs and damages awarded against you, and gives you the peace of mind of specialist legal advice when you need it most. You can get an indicative premium in just 30 seconds and take out cover in as little as 5 minutes.

Professional Indemnity

Independent Professionals or iPro’s rely on their knowledge and expertise, it is precisely this that your customers employ, but what happens if you make a mistake and it results in financial loss to your customer?

Your customer could very well hold you responsible for that financial loss and seek redress from you directly.

Professional Indemnity insurance (sometimes referred to as Professional Liability Insurance) is designed not only to cover those losses, but also to pay for defence costs if you think a mistake was not made or was not your responsibility.

Not all professional indemnity policies are the same though, the policy wording is known as “claims made” which means the policy in force at the time of the claim is the one that reacts no matter when the work was actually carried out.

For example if you carried out work 2 years ago and the mistake is discovered today, it is the policy you have in force today that would respond.

It is essential therefore, that the policy you have protects you and your business for all the work you have ever performed, this is called retroactive cover and not all policies provide it.

Some policies only provide cover for work that you carry out post inception or renewal date of your policy, which means they have no liability for previous years and you have no cover for the work you have carried out in the past, potentially leaving you exposed to any claims that are later submitted for any of that work.

iPro’s professional indemnity policy automatically provides full retroactive cover all the way back to when the company was first formed at Companies House, so you can be assured that all your work, whenever it was performed, is covered by your policy, providing peace of mind.

With some policies you also share the limit of indemnity with other businesses, this is particularly common if you are part of an umbrella organisation or you are part of an affinity group where the insurance comes as part of your membership fee.

With an iPro policy the entire indemnity limit chosen is yours and yours alone and you can choose to have an indemnity limit from as little as £50,000 and as high as £5m.

Premiums start from as little as £50.00 with cover provided by Axa Insurance UK plc, so you can rest assured of a policy suitable to meet the demands and needs of today’s independent professionals, from a financially secure insurance company, with an excellent reputation for customer service and for paying claims.

Get a Quote Today, it should only take 30 seconds to get an indication of premium and less than 5 minutes to arrange cover if you are happy with the price. You can even pay by interest free instalments.

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