Public Liability

Public Liability Insurance can protect you against claims from third parties – such as your clients or other business contacts – for injury or damages to property arising out of your dealings with them. You can get an indicative premium in just 30 seconds and take out cover in as little as 5 minutes.

Independent Professionals who visit customer’s premises, or indeed have customers visit their premises, are exposed to the possibility of injury to third parties or damage to their goods.

Whilst negligence has to be proven either in court or by an out of court agreement, the defence costs and/or any awards of compensation could be substantial.

With an iPro Policy, you can select coverage levels of £1m, £2m or £5m. Whilst ultimately it is your decision, we recommend the purchase of £5m as a minimum.

A technical change implemented by the Lord Chancellor in 2017 has had a serious negative impact on the amount of compensation paid for life changing injuries. The effect of what seemed on the face of it to be a relatively simple change, is a huge increase in the amount of money Insurers have had to set aside for claims payments of this nature.

There are also now many examples where indemnity limits of £1m and £2m thought previously to offer sufficient protection to policyholders are now proving to no longer be the case. When you consider the relatively small premium difference between the various levels of cover, anything other than £5m may not be worthy of consideration.

Premiums start from as little as £50.00 with cover provided by Axa Insurance UK plc, so you can rest assured of a policy suitable to meet the demands and needs of today’s independent professionals, from a financially secure insurance company with an excellent reputation for customer service and for paying claims.

Get a Quote Today it should only take 30 seconds to get an indication of premium and less than 5 minutes to arrange cover if you are happy with the price. You can even pay by interest free instalments.

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