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Professional Indemnity Insurance

The entire chosen limit is yours

Choose from as little as 100k, all the way up to £5m.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

As little as a coffee per month

Insurance premiums start from just under £70 per year.

Cover provided by Markel

One of the Uk’s largest insurers, great customer service.

Insurance with no jargon

Here at ipro we believe that there is a much better way to do insurance for freelancers and the self-employed. Insurance that comes with no jargon, no hassle and only the covers that you choose are right for you. We want to provide you with a simple and easy experience, taking the weight of your shoulders and let you get back to doing what you do best.

Our Promise

Here at ipro, we cherish and encourage innovation and forward thinking. But, when it comes to our values we are unapologetically old fashioned. Our customers are undoubtedly the most important part of our business, as without them we would not exist.  We therefore offer you, the ipro promise which is our hand on heart commitment to provide the right products at the right prices with A* customer service.  And here at ipro, our word is our bond.

Alex Cohen

Alex founded ipro along with fellow director Andre in 2018 having met while they were still in nappies! He has been working in the insurance game since leaving university in 2010. Alex’s focus is on our day to day operations ensuring our customers continue to benefit from the slick service they are used to. He has a meticulous eye for detail and takes a no nonsense approach ensuring that things continue to tick over with military precision!

Andre Backner

Andre, along with fellow director Alex founded ipro in 2018. He has worked in the insurance industry for the last 13 years and everyone who knows him will tell you it’s his true passion! Coming from a family of insurance professionals, it’s in his blood. Andre leads and develops our affiliate and partner program here at ipro, whilst having a keen interest in product development and branding. He is always looking for new opportunities to develop our partnerships by adding value and growing our community.

Roger Potts

Roger is one of our principle directors whilst also serving as CEO of one of the UK’s largest independent insurance brokers. He provides the board of ipro with his inspiring wisdom and strategic insight into an industry that he has over 40 years’ experience in. Roger takes a very customer focused approach and has a keen interest in both the consumer journey as well as technological advances within the insurance industry that can enhance it.

John Batty

Head of Insurance
John is our insurance guru here at ipro, having worked in the industry for over 30 years at some of the UK’s leading insurance brokers. John is responsible for making sure our insurance products continue to meet the needs of our growing community. He has a keen eye for detail and an impressive work ethic, resulting in emails at all times of night! John is always looking at new and inspiring ways to make ipro the best it can be.
Alex Potts

Alex Potts

iPro Sales and Marketing
Alex is responsible for everything digital here at ipro, ensuring that our site and everything in between runs as it should. Alex is from a marketing and adveritising background, having worked with retail giants for 7 years, he's honed his skills to progress the ipro offering within the insurance industry. They say "retail is detail" so Alex has a keen eye for detail and utilises his marketing background is always looking for innovative ways to move ipro forward.

Lee Robinson

Technical Support Lead
Lee has worked in the insurance industry for over 20 years. He is responsible for everything ‘systems’ here at ipro. Lee is hard working and meticulously organised, although you wouldn’t believe it, if you saw his desk! He has a customer centric approach to everything he does and has a particular interest in the customer journey. Lee is constantly looking for new and exciting technological advances that we can use to better our customer experience and ipro community.

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