Employer’s Liability insurance


Employer’s Liability insurance


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Pay other contractors or freelancers to work for you? Then employ a bit of strategic thinking and make sure you have Employers’ Liability insurance. It’s not just sensible, it’s also a legal requirement that can cover their damages and legal defence costs if they’re injured while working for you. Even a small injury when they’re making a brew could lead to a claim that causes steam to come out of your ears. And you could get cover for less than the cost of a posh latte once a fortnight. Think of that next time you put the kettle on. Get a quick quote now to put your mind at rest.

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Employer’s Liability insurance covers the people you employ, and can also protect you from any workplace injury claims they may make.

Not only can it provide cover for compensation payments for employees injured during the course of their employment if you’re negligent, but also for defence costs when it’s felt your company was not at fault.

With premiums starting from £40 per year, and with interest-free payments all the cover you need could be yours for less than £1 a week.


Employers’ Liability. In detail:

If you’re a freelancer or contractor who employs someone to carry out work on their behalf, or if you’re an employee of a limited company, there’s a statutory legal requirement to take out Employers’ Liability insurance.

Most freelancers or contractors who enter into a contract for service with a customer have a substitute clause contained within their contract. If there’s any chance of an employee being recruited to perform substitute work, then it makes sense to have the necessary cover in place to protect yourself. That’s because companies that operate without cover are not only breaking the law, but can also face eye-watering fines.

There are a few exemptions. If you are a company employing only their owner where that employee also owns 50% or more of the company’s issued share capital, for example.

Premiums start from a little under £40 with cover provided by AXA Insurance UK plc. So not only can you get the peace of mind that you’re covered, but also the reassurance that your policy is with one of the UK’s largest insurers with an excellent reputation for customer service and dealing with claims fast.


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