i am a creative and media freelancer

i am a creative and media freelancer

The creative and media industries employ a floating population of freelancers, with teams assembled on a project basis, clients and commissions constantly changing and talent moving onwards and upwards as opportunities arise.

Spoiler alert: In this heady, fast-paced atmosphere, it’s easy to forget that normal rules still apply.

If you make an error and it costs your client money, you could be personally liable for any costs or damages awarded if they decide to take legal action.

Creative and media cover couldn’t be easier

The good news is, it’s really quick and easy to protect yourself. Professional Indemnity Insurance can take the weight off your shoulders by covering legal costs, plus any damages awarded against you up to your chosen limit, with premiums starting from a little over £5 a month. And because it’s with ipro, it will also cover any claims that may be made for work you’ve done in the past, whether you had insurance or not.

Even better, you can get it sorted now in five minutes, then forget it. So whatever you work on, it won’t be a drama.

What insurance do I need?

As a freelancer, you’re pretty much responsible for sorting out all your own work-related insurance. One of the super important ones is Professional Indemnity Insurance. This can protect you against costly legal action if a client claims they’ve suffered a financial loss because of your error.

Here’s a few other things we offer that creative and media freelancers could also pop in their portfolio of protection:

  • Public Liability Insurance which covers injury or property damage suffered by your clients or customers
  • Business Equipment Insurance to protect the tools of your trade – things like laptops, tablets, cameras and lights – while you’re on the move
  • Employers’ Liability Insurance protects you if employees are injured at work and is also a legal requirement if you employ people
  • Management Liability Insurance gives you a helping hand as a limited company and includes cover from the dreaded IR35 Tax Investigations

Cover provided by AXA Insurance plc.

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