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Professional Indemnity Insurance

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Photography Insurance couldn’t be easier

If you’re a freelance photographer, or thinking of becoming one, you’ll need photography insurance. No matter whether you need to protect your kit with camera insurance, or yourself and the people you work with, we’ve got you covered!

Insurance can seem confusing at times, but knowing which ones to take out to benefit your photography business will save you time and money in the long run, and here at ipro, we take the hard work out for you.

The type of freelance photographer you are, the equipment you own, and whether or not you have staff, will help to inform the type of insurance cover you’ll need. Scroll down to learn more about the different types of types of photography insurance we offer.

What insurance do I need for my photography business?

Public Liability Insurance which covers injury or property damage suffered by your clients or customers

Photography Equipment Insurance to protect the tools of your trade – things like laptops, tablets, cameras and lights – while you’re on the move

Employers’ Liability Insurance protects you if employees are injured at work and is also a legal requirement if you employ people

Management Liability Insurance gives you a helping hand as a limited company and includes cover from the dreaded IR35 Tax Investigations

I didn’t really know I needed professional indemnity insurance until I came across ipro. Now I get it, and they’ve made the whole process really easy.

Sean BoothFreelance Graphic Designer

Getting my insurance via ipro was extremely easy, the quote only took a few minutes and the pricing was great.

Jon CordenProject Manager - Construction

Great communication and quick responses through emails and on the phone. Very helpful with questions regarding insurance details and what I needed to set up my business.

Luke FinchConsultant - Hospitality

Photography Insurance FAQs

Why do I need insurance as a freelance photographer?

We all know that clients can be difficult, your photography equipment could get damaged or missing or your clients could even trip and fall over your camera equipment. 

But for instance, let’s say you don’t reach the client’s expectations with the photographs you have produced or worse, you lose the memory card with all your client’s photos on. 

Your camera could be stolen? 

There are many tragic scenarios that could pan out and go wrong over your freelance photography career, so it’s best to be prepared. 

So when things go wrong, your equipment is out of action or a client is trying to sue you for unsatisfactory service, make sure you have the correct photography business insurance in order to cover you.

Do I need to insure my camera equipment?

You can insure your camera equipment under our Business Equipment Insurance.

This will cover the cost of any damage, theft or loss to your photography equipment, which includes your camera, lighting set-up and camera accessories or equipment that you may have. 

This way you can replace any photography equipment that is damaged or lost and get back to doing what you do best!

What insurance do I need as a wedding photographer?

As a wedding photographer, you will be working around your client and presumably their guests which pose a risk to their health and safety, which is where Public liability insurance comes in. 

Let’s say a wedding guest trips over your camera equipment and hurts themselves, they are liable to claim against you, whereby having public liability insurance will help cover you against any compensation claims and legal costs. Read more here. 

As a wedding photographer, it is your duty to deliver wedding photographs to an exceptional standard, but let’s say the happy couple aren’t so happy with the outtakes of your photographs, they are liable to claim against you.

Having professional indemnity insurance will cover the costs of any compensation claims or legal fees that you are found guilty for (whether you agree or not).

Are there legal requirements for having a photography business?

If you are a freelance photographer who is hiring a helping hand to assist you with your photography work then by law you have to be covered by Employers liability insurance

Employer’s liability insurance is required in the instance that a volunteer or staff member falls ill or injured under your employment, with this insurance covering the costs of compensation and legal fees.

Do I need insurance when doing a photoshoot?

If you’re doing a photoshoot for a client then it is important that you take out cover for professional indemnity insurance. This insurance will protect you for mistakes that may happen on your end. 

Let’s say you end up losing the memory card on your camera, meaning you have lost all of your client’s images from the photoshoot and they decide to claim against you for the cost of a new photoshoot or photographer. 

Professional indemnity insurance will cover any compensation costs and any legal fees for when the worst should happen. 

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Professional Indemnity
Up To £5 Million

Professional Indemnity Insurance for Photographers

This insurance will protect you against any claims from your client that you haven’t met the expected contracted service or they are left unsatisfied by the delivery of your work. (even if you disagree) 

For example, if you have taken on a job as a wedding photographer for the day and the client wasn’t happy with the outtakes of the photographs they could claim for the cost of a new photographer and shoot.

If this should happen, professional indemnity insurance will cover the cost of any compensation claims that you are found liable for plus any legal costs. Read more here

What is Professional Indemnity insurance?

Professional Indemnity Insurance, sometimes-referred to as Professional Liability insurance can protect you if you have, or you are accused of providing poor service, sketchy advice or dodgy design. It can cover legal costs (which, believe us, can run into the tens of thousands) as well as damages awarded against you.

Why is Professional Indemnity insurance important?

While Professional Indemnity insurance is not a legal requirement for most professions, our freelancers and contractors tell us that more and more of their clients are requiring them to hold it under contract. Without Professional Indemnity insurance, you could be exposing yourself to eye-watering legal bills and compensation payments. Not to mention all of that wasted time that could be better spent doing what you do best.

Do I need Professional Indemnity insurance?

Freelancers and contractors who give advice or provide a service require Professional Indemnity insurance. We’ve put together a list of things that might make your decision a little bit easier:

Do you provide advice or consultancy? Yes? Your clients could make a claim against you if the advice you have provided has caused them financial loss. Even if you have given them the correct advice, but they say you haven’t, who will cover the legal costs?

Do you handle other people’s information or intellectual property? You could face a costly claim if you inadvertently breach your client’s legal rights or perhaps disclose information that you shouldn’t.

Your contract makes you have it. Do your clients make you sign a contract when they instruct you? Have you checked those t’s and c’s? Our freelancers and contractors tell us that many of their contracts require them to hold Professional Indemnity insurance.

Are you an expert, a demon at design calculations and plans? What happens if you make a mistake, or are accused of making one? Legal bills and compensation claims can run into seriously scary numbers!

Are you a member of a professional body? Often those bodies require their members to hold Professional Indemnity insurance. Have you checked yours?

What does Professional Indemnity insurance cover?

Professional Indemnity insurance or professional liability insurance can cover the legal costs and expenses that you incur defending yourself against allegations of bad service, poor design or wrong advice. The policy can operate even if you have done nothing wrong, but you need to clear that good name you’ve spent years building.

What level of Professional Indemnity insurance do I need?

Here at ipro, we offer limits of between £100K and £5m. It really is up to you how much you want to buy, but we’ve put together a few points that will help you make up your mind

  1. Think about the work you do and what could happen. If your client is not happy with your work they may simply try and claim back the money they have paid. However, what happens if there has been a knock on effect? – If your mistake or delay has cost your client money and has delayed a wider project, compensation claims and legal bills can far exceed the amount you have been paid.
  2. What if you inadvertently breach your client’s intellectual property? You could be in for a huge bill.
  3. Does your contract specify you must hold a certain amount?
  4. Are you a member of a professional body? Do they require a minimum level of cover?

How much does Professional Indemnity insurance cost?

ipro Professional Indemnity insurance costs from just over £5 per month. Our policy, unlike many others has what is known in the insurance game as ‘full retroactive cover’. This means it can provide protection for issues arising from work you’ve done in the past, that are not yet known, even if you didn’t have insurance in place at the time. Great, eh? You can be covered within minutes, and you can even pay by interest free instalments.

Public Liability
Up To £5 Million

Public Liability Insurance for Photographers

You’re likely to be working around your clients or even in a public space. Therefore, if your photography equipment causes your client or a member of the public to accidentally injure themselves, this means they could make you accountable for their injuries and attempt to claim from you. 

That’s why you need public liability cover in order to ensure that you can protect yourself in these cases if the worst should happen. 

Public liability insurance will protect you against any compensation claims made against you and any legal costs without putting a huge dent into your bank balance. 

Having this insurance will also allow you to have clients and visitors at your home and/or studio to carry out your photography work (if you have one that is). Read more here

If you’re thinking of becoming a member of the British Institute of Professional Photography (BIPP), or the Master Photographers Association (MPA), both require their members to have public liability and professional indemnity insurance.

What is Public Liability insurance?

If a client is injured whilst visiting your premises, or you cause an injury at theirs, or perhaps damage a third party’s property, you could be legally responsible. These types of claims can be seriously costly, why not consider adding public liability to your ipro policy today?

Why is Public Liability insurance important?

We all know accidents happen, but they don’t need to ruin your world. A slip, trip or the even worse can lead to seriously costly compensation claims against you and your business. But you’ve got enough to worry about, why not add public liability to your ipro policy today?

Do I need Public Liability insurance?

If clients visit you, you go to them or if your business operates anywhere public, then Public Liability insurance is seriously crucial. It can protect you and your business against eye-watering compensation claims for bodily injury and property damage.

What does Public Liability insurance cover?

In a world of compensation and legal actions, Public Liability insurance can provide cover for the cost of awards made against you or your business in respect of bodily injury or property damage caused in the course of your work.

What level of Public Liability insurance do I need?

At ipro, we offer limits up to £5m, which sounds a lot, but compensation claims are on the up and up! – Ultimately, you need to choose a limit that you feel comfortable with but when deciding, think about any injury or damage that you or your business could cause in the course of your work and how much that may cost.

How much does Public Liability insurance cost?

At ipro, we offer Public Liability insurance from under £4 per month, even better, you can have cover within minutes and even pay by interest-free instalments. Come on, take the weight off those shoulders.

Business Equipment
Up To £15k

Business Equipment Insurance for Photographers

This insurance will help in times when your photography business equipment is either stolen, damaged or lost.

For instance, if you damage your camera equipment and it is no longer suitable to use, this insurance will cover the cost of any photography equipment that needs replacing.

This way, having business equipment insurance for photographers will allow you to carry on taking beautiful photos for your clients without losing any money or work.

This insurance will cover:

  • Any camera equipment 
  • Any photography equipment such as (lighting or an aerial photography drone for instance.)

What is Business Equipment insurance?

This covers your kit, so, any latops, computers, tablets, smart phones, cameras etc owned by your business. If you have an office, then any furniture owned by the business too.

Why is Business Equipment insurance important?

Have you ever had that OMG moment when you realise you’ve left your laptop or smart phone in that nice café on the corner and you’ve got a client calling you in five minutes? Well, we hope that the nice gentleman sitting next to you handed it in for safe keeping. But, what if he didn’t? Business Equipment insurance is there to protect your equipment and provide the means to replace it, if it is lost or stolen.

Do I need Business Equipment insurance?

Laptops and smart phones can be scarily expensive, but as a freelancer or contractor you’ll know that they are crucial to running your business. Don’t risk the upset of having to pull together some of that hard earned cash to replace them if they are lost or stolen. Add Business Equipment insurance to your ipro policy and give yourself one less thing to think about.

What does Business Equipment insurance cover?

Our Business Equipment section provides cover for theft, loss, physical destruction or accidental damage within your selected territorial limits. Remember; if you are planning to work from a Caribbean beach (and we’re super jealous if you are) then make sure you select our worldwide cover option.

What level of Business Equipment insurance do I need?

You need to add up the cost of all your business equipment, so things such as computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones etc – and if your business has an office, then furniture as well.

How much does Business Equipment insurance cost?

Your ipro policy can cover up to £15,000 worth of kit. Prices start from just £7 per month for up to £5000 worth of cover. Cover can be obtained within minutes and premiums can be payable by interest free instalments. Cool eh?

Employers’ Liability
Up To £10 Million

Employers' Liability Insurance for Photographers

If you’re thinking of having an extra set of hands to help you with your freelance photography work then legally, you are required to take out Employer’s liability insurance.

This will protect you against an employee or volunteer who falls ill or becomes injured under your employment. 

What is Employers’ Liability insurance?

Apologies. We’re about to get all boring and legal for a minute. Under the Employers’ Liability Act 1969, limited companies with employees are obliged to have Employers’ Liability insurance. It protects a company’s employees if they are injured or fall ill as a result of the work that they do. It can cover both compensation claims that they may be entitled to as well as your legal fees in defending it.

Why is Employers’ Liability insurance important?

Employers’ liability insurance is not only a legal requirement for a limited company with any employees but also can protect you, and your business against those massive compensation claims you read about for accidents and injuries that happen to employees at work.

Do I need Employers’ Liability insurance?

If you are a limited company and employ anyone. then Employers’ Liability insurance is a legal requirement. There are serious fines and consequences for employers that do not have it in place.

Even if you don’t directly employ anyone but use other contractors you should consider this cover to be extra safe. There have been legal cases where courts have ruled that by the legal definition what you may have thought of as a contractor is actually an employee.

What does Employers’ Liability insurance cover?

Employers’ Liability insurance can provide cover for any employees (including yourself) if injury or illness occurs as a result of your work.

What level of Employers’ Liability insurance do I need?

Our Employers’ Liability section includes cover of up to £10m which is an industry standard.

How much does Employers’ Liability insurance cost?

Our Employers’ Liability section provides £10m worth or cover for under £5 per month. What’s more, you can get protected in minutes and even pay by interest free instalments.

Management Liability
Up To £100k

What is Management Liability insurance?

Management Liability insurance, sometimes known as Directors and Officers Insurance can protect you as a director, partner or officer of a company for both legal costs and compensation claims made against you as an individual. These can include IR35 tax investigations as well health and safety executive investigations and much more. What’s more, ipro customers get unlimited access to the law firm rradar which gives you access to legally trained professionals as many times as you like. Hows that for peace of mind?

Why is Management Liability insurance important?

You’ve set up on your own, you’re doing something for yourself, you’re a business owner, but with that comes some serious responsibilities. Directors, partners, and officers of a company have a personal liability for the effects of their actions or omissions while performing their duties. That means that claims can be personally brought against you, which can result in fines, compensation orders and in the most serious of cases imprisonment, Management Liability insurance can provide protection by way of legal representation against claims brought against you.

Do I need Management Liability insurance?

Any director, officer or partner of a business has a potential exposure to legal action against them personally for their actions within the business. If such an action were to succeed, your personal assets, such as your home or car is at risk. With our Management Liability package, you can rest assured that an army of lawyers are at the ready should you be unlucky enough to have HMRC’s IR35 guys knocking at your door, for example.

What does Management Liability insurance cover?

Management Liability insurance can cover the cost of compensation claims and legal actions made against you personally in your capacity as a director, partner of officer of your business. These include such things as IR35 tax investigations and health and safety executive actions.

What level of Management Liability insurance do I need?

At ipro we offer £100K worth of cover when you select to include Management Liability on your policy.

How much does Management Liability insurance cost?

For the cost of approximately 15 minutes with a City Lawyer, you get £100K worth of cover and unlimited access to the specialist law firm rradar who are on hand to answer any legal queries that you may have. All for £7 per month and payable by interest-free instalments. That’s what we call a no-brainer.

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