Professional Indemnity Insurance

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Professional Indemnity Insurance

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Choose from as little as 100k, all the way up to £5m.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

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Insurance premiums start from just under £70 per year.

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i need Professional Indemnity insurance

We’re pretty sure you wouldn’t. But everybody makes mistkes. If a slip up that’s your fault led to a client losing money, they could take legal action. Professional Indemnity insurance can give you the peace of mind that if they do, you’re covered against any legal defence costs and damages awarded up to your chosen limit. And if the worst happens you’ll have access to specialist advice from a team of legal eagles who know Professional Indemnity Insurance inside out.

A quote takes around 30 seconds and you can take out cover with insurance premiums starting from just under £70 per year. Plus, you can pay by interest-free monthly instalments. Make no mistake, it could be the most valuable five minutes’ work you do all year.

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I didn’t really know I needed professional indemnity insurance until I came across ipro. Now I get it, and they’ve made the whole process really easy.

Sean BoothFreelance Graphic Designer

Getting my insurance via ipro was extremely easy, the quote only took a few minutes and the pricing was great.

Jon CordenProject Manager - Construction

Great communication and quick responses through emails and on the phone. Very helpful with questions regarding insurance details and what I needed to set up my business.

Luke FinchConsultant - Hospitality

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Your knowledge and expertise are what win you work, secure your contracts and why your clients pay you. But if you made a mistake, your client could hold you responsible for any financial loss and get you to pay it back.

Professional Indemnity insurance (sometimes referred to as Professional Liability insurance) can not only cover those losses, but also to pay for defence costs. Crucial if you think a mistake wasn’t made or wasn’t your responsibility, and you want to clear your name.

Professional Indemnity Insurance for Contractors.

Our business cover in detail:

Not all contractor insurance policies are the same. However, in the UK all professional indemnity policies work on what is known as a ‘claims made’ basis, which means the policy in force at the time of the claim is the one that reacts, no matter when the work was actually carried out. Unlike many other policies, ipro’s Professional Indemnity for contractor insurance automatically provides full retroactive cover all the way back to when you started out on your own, so you can be sure that 100% of your work, whenever it was performed, can be covered by your policy.

For example, if you carried out work two years ago and the mistake is discovered today, it’s the policy you have in force today that would respond. With some insurance policies, you also share the limit of indemnity (the maximum amount an insurer would pay) with other businesses. This is particularly common if you are part of an umbrella organisation or you are part of an affinity group where the insurance comes as part of your membership fee.

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Public Liability Insurance Cover

If you come into contact with clients, customers or suppliers (and let’s face it, unless you live in an extinct volcano with an army of dispensable minions, you will), you need Public Liability Insurance.

What is Public Liability insurance?

This is one of the most important business insurance policies you will take out. If a client is injured whilst visiting your premises, or you cause an injury at theirs, or perhaps damage a third party’s property, you could be legally responsible. These types of claims can be seriously costly, why not consider adding public liability to your ipro policy today?

Why is Public Liability insurance important?

We all know accidents happen, but they don’t need to ruin your world. A slip, trip or the even worse can lead to seriously costly compensation claims against you and your business. But you’ve got enough to worry about, why not add public liability to your ipro professional contracting insurance policy today?

Do I need Public Liability insurance?

If clients visit you, you go to them or if your business operates anywhere public, then Professional Liability insurance is seriously crucial. It can protect you and your business against eye-watering compensation claims for bodily injury and property damage.

What does Public Liability insurance cover?

In a world of compensation and legal actions, Public Liability insurance for contractors can provide cover for the cost of awards made against you or your business in respect of bodily injury or property damage caused in the course of your work.

What level of Public Liability insurance do I need?

At ipro, we offer contractors insurance limits of up to £5m, which sounds a lot, but compensation claims are on the up and up! – Ultimately, you need to choose a limit that you feel comfortable with but when deciding, think about any injury or damage that you or your business could cause in the course of your work and how much that may cost.

How much does Public Liability insurance cost?

At ipro, we offer Public Liability contractor insurance from under £4 per month, even better, you can have cover within minutes and even pay by interest-free instalments. Come on, take the weight off those shoulders.

Management Liability Business Insurance

If you’re the director of a limited company, you’ll want to know that you’re equipped to respond fast to any allegation of a wrongful act. Or, should the Health & Safety Executive or HMRC launch an investigation, that you get the right advice and are legally represented by a team of experts.

What is Management Liability insurance?

Management Liability insurance, sometimes known as Directors and Officers Insurance can protect you as a director, partner or officer of a business for both legal costs and compensation claims made against you as an individual. These can include IR35 tax investigations as well as health and safety executive investigations and much more. What’s more, ipro customers get unlimited access to the law business rradar which gives you access to legally trained business professionals as many times as you like. Hows that for peace of mind?

Why is Management Liability insurance important?

You’ve set up a business on your own, you’re doing something for yourself, you’re a business owner, but with that comes some serious responsibilities. Directors, partners, and officers of a business have a personal liability for the effects of their actions or omissions while performing their duties. That means that claims can be personally brought against you, which can result in fines, compensation orders and in the most serious of cases imprisonment, Management Liability insurance can provide business protection by way of legal representation against claims brought against you.

Do I need Management Liability insurance?

Any director, officer or partner of a business has a potential exposure to legal action against them personally for their actions within the business. If such an action were to succeed, your personal assets, such as your home or car is at risk. With our Management Liability cover package, you can rest assured that an army of lawyers are at the ready should you be unlucky enough to have HMRC’s IR35 guys knocking at your door, for example.

What does Management Liability insurance cover?

Management Liability insurance can cover the cost of compensation claims and legal actions made against you personally in your capacity as a director, partner of officer of your business. These include cover for such things as IR35 tax investigations and health and safety executive actions.

What level of Management Liability insurance do I need?

At ipro we offer £100K worth of cover when you select to include Management Liability on your policy.

How much does Management Liability insurance cost?

For the cost of approximately 15 minutes with a City Lawyer, you get £100K worth of cover and unlimited access to the specialist law firm rradar who are on hand to answer any legal queries that you may have. All for £7 per month and payable by interest-free instalments. That’s what we call a no-brainer.

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