Is public liability insurance a legal requirement?

By August 19, 2020 June 25th, 2024 Need To Know

Under UK law, no public liability insurance isn’t mandatory.

However, just because it isn’t a legal requirement doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get it…

But what is public liability insurance?

Public liability insurance covers the cost of legal action and compensation claims made against your business if a third party is injured or their property suffers damage whilst at your business premises.

Or when you are working in their home, office or business property. 

Public liability insurance also protects you against being sued by a member of the public, this is very important if you interact with customers, suppliers or the public in particular.

Why consider public liability insurance? 

Well, it can help you financially and legally in case of an accident whilst on your premises. 

Meaning you will be prepared for if the worst should ever happen. 

You may decide to have Public liability insurance because of your business experiences at least one of the reasons below:

  • Customers visit your premises (salon, offices, cafe, etc)
  • You work in a public setting e.g a builder in which case something could fall and injure a passer-by. 

Ultimately, It’s up to you whether you feel your business needs public liability insurance.

However, you do need to think if the worst should happen and you owe up to £10,000 for example, could you afford to pay this?

Public liability insurance will cover the cost of this for you so it is recommended that you get it anyway to save you a lot of money.

Should your business have public liability insurance? 

Though public liability insurance isn’t compulsory to have in your business plan it is very beneficial for most if not all businesses.

Many businesses benefit from having public liability insurance as it gives then the peace of mind that comes with running a business that could potentially harm their customers or the public. 

In some instances, Public liability insurance may even be a requirement to have in a clients contract and some companies are obliged by their membership body or their regulator to take out a certain amount of business insurance!

Here at IPro, we recommend that you get Public liability insurance for the sake of your business and peace fo mind for if the worst should happen.

We provide public liability insurance for if you work from home, a hot desk around coffee shops or your own office you could be held responsible for any damage caused to third parties.

Which is where we come in.. were here to help you get your own public liability insurance, giving you peace of mind for future incidents. 

Find out more about public liability insurance here